Eric Kragh for his wonderful photography. Visit his website here.

Margie and George Chelini for their enthusiasm, love and support.

Matt Lambert for immense help both as an actor and behind the scenes. Visit his site here.

Lynn Harris for introducing us to many of our cast members. Visit her site here.

Mo Beasley for including us in his great series, UrbanErotika. Visit his site here.

Shannon Lower for lending her gorgeous talent to live performances. Visit her site here.

Michele Fox for her support and help. Visit her site here.

The Knitting Factory for letting us do a night at their club in NYC.

Rachel Kramer Bussel for including us twice in her amazing reading series In the Flesh. Visit her site here.

David Vining for acting and behind the scenes help. Visit his site here.

Adonis Williams for his wonderful performances in NYC. Visit his site here.

Antoine Rogers for terrific acting in Sex Scenes at Cornelia Street Cafe. His site is here.

Camille Delgado for acting and for being so damn sexy in live performances! Her site is here.

Lisa Ludwig for acting and for support. Visit her site here.

Charlie Anders for including us in her wonderful series, Writers with Drinks. Visit the site here.