We performed Sex Scenes twice in Chicago at The Pleasure Chest to a full crowd in the famous sex toy store (see parking lot in photo above!). The cast was a blast to work with. Chicago actors have a reputation for improv and physicality and these actors were proof that's the case! Visit The Pleasure Chest here. Photos of these actors are below along with updates on their careers and links to their websites.

Robin Martino recently acted in the two-act play, Normal People, written and produced by the artistic director of A Room of One's Own Productions.
Lee Kanne has most recently been doing lots of voiceover work, a Tv commercial for the Golf Channel, and a Christmas revue show.
Chad Meyer worked on three different films in October 2008, each with great roles. Watch him in a trailer for Cheap Seats here.

Petrucia Finkler is in the indie film, Mass Romantic, and started filming Fallen Souls, and is in the play, The Quiltmaker's Gift. Her reel and info are here.
Zach Murray is studying theater and acting in Chicago.