Francesco Paladino

In SEX SCENES, Francesco Paladino performs two roles: Ken Zelmo in "Live Action" and Juan-Carlos in "Selling Secrets." Francesco also contributes the screams of Dragan in "Power Play."


"Paladino's work is charming, witty, and completely disturbing..." (TIME OUT NEW YORK)

Francesco Paladino is a fearless performance artist/actor, who writes, performs, and has been conquering the world, one human at a time. A charming lead that can take the backseat as a character actor, he shifts effortlessly from stage to screen with confidence. He is a chameleon that changes to fit his role emotionally and physically.

In his comedy performances, he has tackled such topics as domestic abuse, war, sexual fetishes, racism, and religion. Tying the images of avant-garde filmmaker Maya Deren with pornography to the sound of religious choirs, while delivering a diatribe about testicles. He has worked throughout New York City and has appeared on television, stage, and in films both domestically and internationally.

Francesco's newest project is The F Word, an episodic series that comically explores pop culture, art, and the entertainment of human reaction.

Francesco's website is here. Watch him in The Fold webseries here.