In SEX SCENES, Preston performs the role of T. J. Rappoport in "The Ride" and "Selling Secrets."


After a year playing myriad villains, vampires and tough guys, Preston Taub welcomed T. J. Rappaport into his journey. "The characters created by Polly and Ray are always complex; peel a layer and you will discover something new," says Preston. Preston appears in six films being released in 2009. Watch for him in Nick Michalak's "Dead of Night" as Leonard Marshall Eggleston, a serial psychopath. Preston is featured as Semyprovich, a Russian KGB agent, in "Thermidor Releasing," directed by the award-winning director of underground cinema, James Fotopoulos. Preston is filled with gratitude for the experience of working with Polly and Ray and for the opportunity to bring T. J. to life.