In SEX SCENES, Jake performs five roles: Scuzzy Guy #1 in "The Ride," Nathan Moffitt in "Detention," "Pros and Amateurs" and "Power Play," Thug #2 in "A Personal Relationship," Mike Zelmo and Salesman in "Live Action."

Jake Thomas is a founding member of The 7th Sign and Centaurface theater companies. He is a graduate of the Atlantic program at NYU. Currently he has been taking a slight break from performing to write, but has been itching to act again. He will also be doing a series of interviews as a corollary to The Fold, a webseries he starred in written by Polly Frost, Ray Sawhill and Matt Lambert. He has been working with Polly and Ray for quite a while now, and thanks them profusely for all the filthy things they have given him do and say over the years.

Visit his Short Story A Week project here.