We did excerpts from Sex Scenes at both Tangier (where a raging fire in Griffith Park closed us down halfway through!) and at The Hollywood Pleasure Chest (pictured above among the leather lingerie!). We loved the actors we worked with there: these L. A. based actors are focused, hilarious, have perfect timing and great voices. Oh, and are they sexy! And they also drove up to Santa Barbara to do shows for us.

Jill Marie Burke is in Lovelace, a Rock Opera. And yep, it’s about Linda Lovelace, the porn star of Deep Throat! Visit Jill's website here.
Michael is currently in talks for an upcoming directorial film debut by Andrew Sparaco set in Faubourg Marigny. Visit Michael's website here.
Angela Siekman acts regularly and teaches pole dancing and spinning classes.

Catherine Anne Hayes just found out that some of her poetry is going to be published in an anthology of love poems. Visit her site here.
Neil D. Paris has been working nonstop as an actor and astrologer. His astrology site is here and his acting site (Voice Over, Acting, Modeling) is here.

Trane West now teaches yoga, offering classes in Tolerance and Dominating Space and yoga for naked men. Find out more at his website here.