SEX SCENES was initially developed as a live performance in a regular series Cornelia Street Cafe from 2005-2007.

From March to August 2008 we recorded, edited and mixed the audio edition of SEX SCENES at Georgia Hilton's World Wide Audio in Tribeca.

Dan Cioffi and Casey Zanowic, now working at Prism Post, were the sound engineers. We highly recomend them. We hope you'll learn more about Dan Cioffi and Casey Zanowic by clicking below on World Wide Audio and on their individual pages.

We are extemely grateful to all these places and people.

You can find out more about Cornelia Street Cafe, co-owner Robin Hirsch and Cornelia Street's Spoken Word Curator Angelo Verga by clicking below or at right.

You can find out more about World Wide Audio and its owner, Georgia Hilton by clicking below and at right.